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The little princess

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

If you like princesses, enjoy this totally free game that you can download to your mobile device.
With this little princess you can dress the princess as you like, put the add-ons you want and change the backgrounds as you like.
Through various games you can get coins, which will increase game after game to buy what you want for your princess.
You decide!
Come on, try this game!
Little Princess is waiting for you.

How to play?

Click Play to get coins with a lot of games:

❤ Castle game: every touches princesses get a coin.
❤ Bubbles game: bubbles to burst every 2 get a coin.
❤ Apples game: click on an apple to fall from the tree and touching the wand get 10 coins per apple.
❤ Maze game: go to the money and get 30 coins.
❤ Lantern game: every 2 touched lanterns get a coin.
❤ Arrows game: click on an arrow to reach the heart and get 10 coins per arrow.

Wait full time in each game to get coins and buy accessories.

This is a cute game. This is a nostalgic game for you!

Install and Play this game on  —>> Little Princess


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