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The best App to learn multiplication tables on your android

The game focuses on learning the times tables as they can be explained in a school class.

You just found the best game to learn with multiplications. And if you do not believe it, download it. Try it and you will give us the reason.

Multiplying with Max

Surely you will recommend it once you have it installed on your mobile device!

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

Multiply with Max is the best App that exists for now on Google Play and the App Store to learn multiplication tables.

The game has been created exclusively in Spain, by a single developer, and nothing has to envy to other multiplication games. In fact, it is the best game that exists for now about multiplying with exclusive options to learn the concepts of multiplication.

The education you can give your children does not depend on any country and no language. It depends on you. Downloading the game to your children will allow you to help them and review the multiplication tables. And in a guaranteed way. Play and learn with them.

The game does not go around the bush. It goes straight to the point: learn the tables well and fast. The game focuses on learning the tables as explained by a teacher in their class. Your children will not spend hours lost playing video games. They will be amortizing their time.

It’s not about being a digital native to learn the tables with this game. With only 10 minutes a day it has to be enough to learn them well. This game is considered as an additional reinforcement for learning the multiplication tables, which does not mean that you do daily activities or exercises that the teacher sends in class. This game will allow you to obtain better results.

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