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Solving powers with Multiplying with Max

With Max and the powers you will learn to calculate powers. The game allows you to choose the bases from 2 to 9. The exponent of the power will be between 1 and 4 to not complicate the calculation too much to the player.

If you are starting with the powers you should know that a power simply is based on the concept of multiplication. It involves multiplying by the same number several times according to the exponent. So the game Multiply with Max is an ideal tool also to learn and solve powers.

Max and the powers

You can select the base from 2 to 9, or several bases at the same time. The exponents will be generated by the game automatically between 1 and 4.

If for example we select bases 2 and 4, the game will generate powers of form 22, 23, or 41 or 43 etc … in a random way.

Once the bases have been selected, we will click on the «Start» button and the power that we must calculate in the upper part of the screen will be displayed.

Then four possible solutions will appear inside the test tubes. You must choose the correct solution by clicking on the correct bubble.

If you guess the game will continue generating power and will add a point. The total number of failures will also be displayed.

You can also move your mobile device up and down to move the bubbles with Max.

The game is very simple and effective because it allows you to review and mentally learn the powers, multiplying by the same number the number of times of the exponent.

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

The exponent raised to 0 has been omitted so as not to make the player who is starting with the powers too dizzy.

Download the game now and do not forget to share Max with your friends.

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