Rescue the blonde girl in bunny space suit through parallel worlds

This is my new project. At the moment ,it is not available on Google Play or App Store. Maybe in a week…

This is Orbit Runner ∞ Parallel Worlds. It is in beta. At the moment, you can test it!

This is the story:

Rescue the blonde girl in bunny space suit through parallel worlds. Control a blond kid in a bunny space suit who navigates surreal worlds through an orbital vehicle. Walk the different worlds through space time. Each intergalactic gate will take you to a new dimension or world where space time is different.

Now I am polishing the game a bit. I guess in a couple of weeks it will be published.

I show you the video scenes: I hope you like it!!!!

✔The boy in a blue suit:
The character can move in all directions but you should bear in mind that each world has different gravity.
It has a red orbit that rotates around the orbiting spacecraft and that you will control in order to eliminate the enemies.

✔The boy in green suit:
In addition to the red orbit, this character has a laser shield that you can use to kill enemies and move faster.
You can play with this character if you get 4000 orbits or directly get them in in-app purchases.

There are two types of orbits that you must achieve to obtain points. One will give you 1 point and the other 3 points.
If you reach the last world where is the character you must rescue, and you kill the three main enemies of the game, you will get 1500 orbits.
You can also buy the 4000 orbits that you need to get the child with the green rabbit costume, in purchases in application.

The worlds
There are parallel worlds with five dimensions in space. In each world, time passes differently, so the displacement can be faster or slower.
All the worlds are connected through space time. In each world, there is always a gateway that will take you to another world. But it is possible that it will take you to the wrong worlds and return to worlds you have already visited.
In the last world there is a galactic gate that will take you to a world where you will find the character you must rescue and three surreal alien creatures you must kill. It can also return you by mistake to other worlds.

Game objective
Total distance traveled: navigate the worlds to accumulate the distance traveled in all worlds. The more distance you travel, your score will be better and you will remain as leader of the game.
Rescue your girlfriend: you will get 1500 orbits and the game will end. You can continue playing to get more orbits and be able to buy the child in green suit and keep accumulating distance traveled. Have fun killing aliens.



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