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Multiplying with Max – Tools for teachers

If you do not know Max, I’ll explain it briefly: Multiplying with Max is a game to learn multiplication tables and perform multiplications.

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

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What can you do with Max as soon as you install it? The game is designed to start from scratch, that is, for children who are starting to see multiplication tables at school.

  1. The first option is to learn the multiplication tables. With this utility they can play only with the chosen table. The game uses the drag and drop system, so the game is very intuitive.
  2. Once the multiplication tables have been learned, they can move on to the option of learning to multiply. Various game options in multiplying. One digit, Two digits, Three digits … Use the option to hide or visualize Max as they learn the tables and go faster.
  3. They can practice with the exercises, completing the suggested response. It is possible saving your achievement records by setting the time to 10 minutes and connecting online: 10 minutes of glory.
  4. Students can select the option to take an exam, but this option is in-app purchases. As a father, do not think about it. It costs little and will be very profitable. They can choose the tables that they want to appear in the exam or all the tables. Set a time limit and at the end will indicate the failures and successes.
  5. You can play online against the people you want. They can play online against the people they want. They can play using the quick game, which will put them in the game against an opponent, or they can choose against whom to play, inviting friends to participate.

Multiplying with Max will become a perfect tool for the teacher in the classroom.

Get Multiplying with Max on App Store.

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