Multiply with Max Appslikethese review

Multiply with Max is the best game to learn multiplication tables

Appslikethese Multiply with Max review

Multiply with Max is personally a game I recommend paying. For the little ones to learn the multiplication tables while playing is Multiply with Max.

Multiplying with Max allows the smallest of the house learn the tables in a fast, fun and intuitive way, with an intuitive user interface where, thanks to Max, we have to go not only learning the tables, but also reviewing them in a very entertaining way.

In addition, it also allows learn and review multiplication with 1, 2 and up to 3 digits, which is why it is an all-in-one application that will help you learn the multiplication tables while learning to do multiplication.

This application shows us the different options that children have to learn and review multiplication with minigames:

• Max and the eggs.
• Max and the bubbles.
• Max and the powers: solving powers.
• Max in space: mental calculation of multiplication.
• Max and the fried eggs.
• The monkey and the chameleons.
• The skunk and the bee hives.
• The cavemen: for two players.
• The dice and the chest: mental math (hierarchy of operators).

Play more fun with Max’s minigames and learn maths.

To sum up, we can surely say that Multiply with Max is a must-have app while learning the multiplication table. Interactive interface, enjoyable learning process, and funny games – all these things you will find in this app!
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