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multiplication tables: mental calculation multiplications

Again, with Multiply with Max, you have a new way to improve your mind by calculating multiplications of the form: 3 x 4 x 2 = ?

The new minigame Max in space, appears an expression to multiply three operands that you must calculate mentally by the operator of multiplication.

Once you start playing, using the «Start» button, Max will appear orbiting the space with the correct solution. You must click on the correct value to free Max and hit.

Max in space: mental calculation

The game is very simple but requires mental calculation, which is a bit more complicated if you start playing as each failure initializes the hit counter to zero.

In this way every time you hit you will increase the hit counter but a failure will start you again.

So you can demonstrate your skills with mental calculation, save your best records and compete to see who is the best with mental calculation. The one that calculates more multiplications followed will be the one that will occupy the best positions in the classification.

Be careful because a fault will make you start again! Oh, and do not forget that you should not cheat to be the best. Be honest and do the multiplications mentally, without the help of the calculator.

You have the buttons to connect online and to be able to disconnect if you do not want to save your progress. You can also check at any time who leads the ranking.

Try all the mini-games and practice with the one you like, but remember, you must first learn the multiplication tables. With Max you have everything you need to be able to learn multiplication tables very well.

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

What are you waiting for? One click, download and play. Max is free on Google Play.

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