Generador de multiplicaciones

Multiplication sheets in pdf. Free generator

Automatic multiplication sheet generator for easy printing at home or at school

If you want to have a good portable multiplication generator on your mobile device, install the game Multiply with Max that you can find in Google Play (only available in Android). With the multiplication worksheet generator in pdf format, with the option to choose the multiplication tables and the number of digits of the multiplier and multiplier. Generate your worksheets quickly for printing. The multiplication worksheets are ideal to do at home as a support to the daily calculation or as a review and reinforcement.

Generador de multiplicaciones
Multiplication sheet generator

In the initial screen of the game Multiply with Max you have a button “Generate sheets to pdf” with which you can create sheets as you like and send or save them in pdf format. You have several templates to select from and it is very easy to generate the files. With just one click you have the possibility to create your worksheets with multiplication exercises.

– Select the number of multiplications you want to appear in the pdf file.
– Choose the type of multiplication according to the template. You have several different models where you can choose the number of digits in the multiplicand or the multiplier.
– You can automatically choose where to send or save the file in pdf format.

Creating your multiplication sheets is a very simple process

You have seven templates to create your sheets for your students or children. The first thing you have to do is choose the number of multiplications you want to appear on the sheet. And then click on the corresponding button or template and choose the number of digits in the multiplicand and the multiplier.

Template 1: Generate 1×1 multiplications

With templates 2,3,and 4 you can select which multiplication table you want to appear on the multiplier.

Template 2: Generate 2×1 multiplications (you can choose the multiplication table in the multiplier)

Template 3: Generate 3×1 multiplications (you can also choose the multiplication table on the multiplier)

Template 4: Generate 4×1 multiplications (you can also choose the multiplication table in the multiplication)

Template 5: Generate the 2×2 multiplications

Template 6: Generate the 3×2 multiplications

Template 7: Generate the 4×2 multiplications

Once you have selected the type of file you want and clicked on it to generate it, you will automatically see the options you have on your device to send or save your files in pdf format. That is, you can choose to save them in your Drive, send them by e-mail, send them by Whatsapp, telegram or your favorite social networks.

The multiplication sheets are ideal for primary children from six, seven years of age and throughout the primary education stage.

Have the game always available and you can have your worksheets ready everywhere!

Multiply with Max


Multiply with Max
Multiply with Max
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