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Multiplication: finding the missing factor

Today I’m going to show you one of the few games you can find on Google Play and the App Store with a mathematical activity to practice multiplication very useful and interesting: finding the missing factor in multiplication.

In the game Multiply with Max there is a series of multiplications in which one of the factors and the product appear, but a factor is missing.

With the exercises we can find several game options:

FACTOR 1-digit X  find 1 digit factor = PRODUCT

find 2 digit factor X FACTOR 1-digit = PRODUCT

FACTOR 3-digits X  find 1 digit factor = PRODUCT

find 2 digit factor X FACTOR 1-digit = PRODUCT

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

The game allows to establish a time limit for the realization of the exercises. In this way we can compare the number of correct multiplications that have been made. And best of all, you can start a competition in the classroom to see who is the best in mental calculation.

And even more, you can compete by savings records in Google Play to know at all times, who is the best in mental calculation. Each mode is saved separately, so you can always check the type of exercise and the score.

Multiply with Max is intended for all primary school. The activity of the exercises can be used in the first grade, second grade… It is even very useful for all ages since it helps to keep an agile mind.

If you already have a certain age, it does not matter, try the exercises and you will see how it is not as easy as you think. Compete against your children to see who is the best, maybe you can be surprised.

Multiplying with Max allows students to easily understand multiplication operations.

Undoubtedly one of the best resources for the ICT classroom.

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