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Light Racing Car

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

Completely spectacular circuits that you can alternate during the same race when you reach the light transport area: drive through circuits with static ramps or circuits with moving ramps and obstacles.

A spectacular circuit inside a city in the night of neon lights is ready for competition. You are going to drive a very special car. The control of this car depends entirely on your abilities.

Attention to the control of the car! – the car body changes color depending on its control

⇨Button right arrow: stability of the car to the right
⇨Button left arrow: stability of the car to the left
⇨Button brake: vehicle braking
⇨Touch right screen: car speed

Simple and smooth control.

A circuit specially prepared to perform spectacular pirouettes with dangerous and difficult road plenty of roller coasters. Authentic neon lights ramps await the light car’s tires.

The racing driver’s favorite neon circuit racing game takes a new dimension of the high speed with stunning visual effects.

Turn on the engine of the race car, step on the accelerator to compete against your friends and establish your best record.

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