Kids Math Multiplication Basics

MULTIPLY WITH MAX IS THE BEST EFFECTIVE STRATEGY TO TEACH MULTI-DIGIT MULTIPLICATION.  If you are looking for a resource where all of the work is done for you, you may be interested in Multiply with Max.

Play with Multiply with Max using Traditional Multiplication Standard. The best game to learn multipications using the standard method. The standard way to multiply.

Multiply with Max use the standard algorithm of multiplication that is based on the principle that you already know: multiplying in parts (partial products): simply multiply ones and tens separately, and add. Installing Max on your device, you can learn the multiplication tables in an interactive way.

Traditional Method

This is the way many of us were taught in school, and the way most of us are comfortable teaching. It’s known as the standard algorithm.

An easy way to practice times tables at home or at school. The game is free for Android. You can also get the paid game in the App Store. Worth it!

Multiply with Max

The advantage is that kid play and learn. Students can remember them best by repeating frequently. Multiply with Max for kids is good to help to learn the multiplication tables.

Multiply with Max uses the traditional method.

Multiplying, one digit, two digit and three digit numbers! Multiply with Max is a fun multi digit multiplication game that gets children practicing multiplying one, two and three digit numbers.

You’ll discover a large selection of modes for practicing: 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, multiplying 3-digit by 1-digit numbers, double digit numbers for students to multiply together and more… and you can practise with the exercises: find factors all of a multiplication.

Multiply with Max uses easy Drag ‘N’ Drop system!

Recommeded Multiplication Game for 2nd Graders, 3th Graders, 4th Graders, 5th Graders and 6th Graders.

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