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Kids educational and creative game

Kids learn the alphabet, the numbers with the best children’s and educational game in a very funny way. Learn math and language skills that today’s elementary school curriculum requires.

Kids learn the alphabet:
Searching the letters in a maze by controlling your favorite character is a great teaching method to learn the alphabet. Children visualize and listen to the sound of the letters they must look for later in the labyrinth. Sounds in English and Spanish.

Children learn the numbers:
Visualizing, listening to numbers and looking for them in the maze will help preschoolers improve math at an early age. Sounds in English, Spanish and German.

In each search of letters or numbers different labyrinths are generated so that young children do not get bored.

Improving memory, logic and concentration:

Series of sequences with images that must be able to memorize correctly. With this game the child trains the visual and auditory memory.

Preschoolers and creativity:

• Discover images:
Young children are curious by nature and love to watch the transformations. Sliding your fingers on the screen can uncover and discover funny images.

• Theater and music:
The puppet musical theater is a game that aims to bring the art of ancient music closer to the youngest puppets. Touch the puppets to listen sounds.

• Entertainment:
Crush the eyes of monsters that appear in windows.

Perfect resource for the teacher and its use as an activity in the classroom. Introduce ICT tools at school.

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