games to learn the multiplication tables

Games to learn the multiplication tables in a fun way!

This times tables game for children is designed to learn the multiplication in a fun and interactive way. With Multiply with Max you not only play, but you also learn, and fast.

A way to learn multiplication tables very well and better is to repeat them frequently without getting tired. Max allows you to repeat the tables that you least know over and over again without bothering not being too heavy for the player.

Multiplying with Max
Multiplying with Max
Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

Practicing about 15 minutes a day with the game is necessary to learn the tables very soon.

Improving multiplications will also improve the child’s ability in mathematics and arithmetic in general.

The game is focused to be used throughout the primary school stage.

Do not think more about downloading the game and try it. It’s free. Download it and start learning the multiplication tables quickly and easily.

This game is perfect for learning multiplication tables from 2 to 9. The table of 1 and 10 have been ignored because it is understood that they are the simplest tables to learn.

This game is perfect for use in addition to primary education in math tasks in high school because many children still reach this stage without having learned the tables well.

If you are a parent you can play with your children at home or take your mobile or tablet wherever you are so that the child can make the most of the time.

‎Multiplying with Max
‎Multiplying with Max

If you are a teacher, this game, which incorporates many interesting options, can help you improve multiplication in the classroom. Let the children practice in the classroom and challenge themselves with the multiplications. The game does not disappoint.

You can play against your classmate, friend, your family or play a game against your teacher. It includes the possibility of playing against an opponent each with his device. And in a very easy and simple way.

Multiply with Max develops an innovative method to help all students learn multiplication tables in an effective and efficient way.

Multiplying with Max use Drag&Drop system

Multiplying with Max is used in several schools and has been recommended by many teachers and parents. You only have to view the opinions and values of the game.

The multiplication tables are the basis for the multiplications that you will practice in later stages, and therefore you must learn them very, very well. You will thank him in the secondary stage.

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