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Two jellies in love need to meet but you must think before acting – puzzle jelly games

◘ You must correctly think about your movement in advance before acting with each object in the scene. You just have to slide your finger across the screen to control the jelly.

◘ Cunningly guide your jelly to meet his partner. You must find the right way to get to your love jelly.

◘ Different types of obstacles with their own characteristics will make your challenge increasingly difficult to achieve as you progress through the level. Each challenge achieved unlock the next level.

Jelly in Love

Pay close attention to objects!

Harmless objects
Wall: Fixed object, cannot be moved. It’s not dangerous.
Green Wall: Physical Wall. Does it move. It’s not dangerous.
Strange bottled green character: Fixed object. It breaks. It does not kill the jelly.
Strange bottled pink character: Physical object. It breaks. It does not kill the jelly.
Strange bottled blue characters: Fixed objects. It breaks, but you must kill one to break the other. You will realize that there is one that you must always break first.
Clocks: Teleportation objects.

Dangerous objects (they kill the jelly)
Red Bomb: Fixed Object.
Orange Bomb: Physical object. Follow the laws of gravity.
Yellow Bomb: Physical object. Follow gravity.
Red Wall: Fixed object but it does move. It does not follow the laws of physics.

■Tip: try to drag or destroy the appropriate object in the proper order. If you destroy an object that you should not, you may find yourself in an endless situation and you will have to start the level again.
The order, the smoothness in the movement of objects and the cunning are important part to finish correctly each level.

Install Jelly in Love

• Have fun with the best free jelly game and help your jelly to reach its better half. A games of jelly style escape games because moving or destroying objects will form new paths that will allow you to reach the target. Objects are seen as puzzles that will move with physics and gravity depending on their situation. If you like cool games jelly escape, get it.
Play with the best free jelly games, solve puzzles and have a good time.
This is one the best jelly funny games you can play. Try it!

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