Forget Printable Multiplication Tables worksheets

With Multiplying with Max you will stop printing times tables worksheets and you will have all the multiplication tables organized in a single app

A very simple game when practicing multiplication tables with your mobile or tablet without the need to use worksheets.

Surely many times you are practicing with all the multiplication tables and you have a lot of papers and worksheets that you do not know where you left them.

That can be solved with this game. You install it and you forget. You can install it on any mobile or cellular device, and you can use it wherever you want.

Within the game you have all the multiplication tables printed and you can consult them when you need to learn them, wherever you are.

Now you no longer need to print the times tables in sheets. With this game you will have all the tables that you can consult anywhere without having to take out any paper or card.

Multiplying with Max
Multiplying with Max
Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

The game has many options to generate the multiplication tables avoiding having worksheets to print:

  • Times tables generator you want to play with.
  • Generator of multiplications as if you were doing them in your notebook. You can select and play with different factors of multiplication.
  • The game incorporates an option to perform exams and see your progress. You can choose between different modalities to generate your exam. Decide the time and number of multiplications you want to make.

Multiplying with Max is a didactic resource within ICT technologies that will make it easier for you to learn and revise the tables without downloading the worksheets each time and printing them.

‎Multiplying with Max
‎Multiplying with Max

You know, forget about printing worksheets and download Multiply with Max. It only takes 17Mb on your device and it’s free. The option of the exam is paid, but it is worthwhile to buy it. Education for your children for only € 2.39. In addition buying the exam, you also remove the advertisements.

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