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Exercises fill the multiplicand and multiplier

Multiplying with Max incorporates the option of exercises or activities for children who are learning the multiplication tables they want to check and streamline their knowledge.

It is about filling correctly the missing figures in the multiplicand or in the multiplier. Multiplicand x Multiplier = Product

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Price: Free

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You can choose different modalities to perform the exercises. Calculate the multiplicand or calculate the multiplier.


2  x    =  4

  x  4  =  120

100  x    =  200

—-  x  5 =  325

As you can see, only the multiplicand or the multiplier appears and the result. The multiplicand or multiplier need to be filled.

Before starting to perform the exercises, you can set the time in minutes available to complete them.

The competition of the 10 minutes of glory: for the most advantaged students, you can enable the option of saving the best results obtained to know who is the best with this challenge. The number of correct multiplications that have been made in the 10 minutes is recorded.

How active ?

Once the multiplications in the established time have been resolved, the best scores can be consulted in each modality.

Price: $3.99

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