Educational resources for the teacher – the multiplication tables

The multiplication tables begin to be taught in the primary stage. For the correct learning of the multiplication tables in children, you must choose the appropriate moment for it. It is very important not to force the child to learn all the multiplication tables. Keep in mind that new content will always cost you to learn a child.

Motivating your child with Multiplying with Max

Motivation is a fundamental concept when learning new concepts. Before teaching your children to multiply, you must explain what the concept of multiplication really consists of: the successive addition of the same number whose usefulness will help you in the future to better organize your personal affairs in daily life.

With Multiplying with Max that you can download for free for Android devices or cell phones, you can practice each of the basic concepts of multiplication by motivating the child without getting bored in the attempt.

Motivate and practice multiplication tables

With Multiplying with Max you can select only the tables you want to learn. It is advisable to start with the table of 2 and go increasing the tables as they are learned well. The drag-and-drop system is very simple and practically automatic. The child is limited exclusively to learning the tables. It also has a series of mechanisms that will allow you to consult the tables at all times.

Learn to perform multiplications by hand

The system used in the game is a traditional multiplication system, as if the child was making them in a notebook. You can choose different modes of multiplication: multiplication of 1 digit (multiplying) x 1 digit (multiplier), multiplication of 2 digits x 1 digit, multiplication of 3 digits x 1 digit and 2 digits x 2 digits. With the drag & drop system you can calculate the results. The dog Max will indicate if the calculation has been carried out correctly. All these options are configurable according to the child’s age.

Take an exam

The modality of the exam will let them know at any time if the child is progressing properly. You can select the number of multiplications, set the desired time, choose the multiplication table with which you want to take the exam: a table, a range of selected tables or all the tables. And consult the errors and successes.

And many more options like exercises to fill in multiplications, play with friends from different devices, what is called multiplayer mode.

Multiplying with Max is without a doubt the best game that exists for your child or his students to learn multiplication tables. A super complete game that you can use anywhere so you never waste time. Try it because it’s FREE.

Multiplying with Max

With Max and the Minigames you can have fun and learn the tables in an even more fun way.
• Max and the eggs. Touch the egg that contains the correct result.
• Max and the bubbles. Blow up the bubbles with all the multiplication tables.
• Max and the powers: resolves powers.
• Max in space: mental calculation of multiplications.

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