Calculate the factors of multiplication

Multiplying with Max introduce a generator of exercises to find the factor of multiplication: the multiplicand or the multiplier

How the factor is calculated in each multiplication? You can calculate mentally if you have a very clear brain or you can pass it to your opposite operation that is the division.

In the game you can play with several types of multiplications to find the factor.

For example, if we select the 1×1 style where the FACTOR and operation could be:

9 x FACTOR = 18

Mentally, we must look for a number that when multiplied by 9, the result is 18. If we have already learned the multiplication tables well, we know that 9×2 gives us the result 18. Therefore, we will have found the solution.

Another way to calculate it would be to pass the 9 as a divisor of 18. That is, FACTOR = 18/9, which gives us the result 2.

We can use this last method for more complex operations, such as calculating multiplication:

FACTOR x 4 = 540

FACTOR = 540/4 and the result is = 135

Multiplying with Max
Multiplying with Max
Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

Multiply with Max is designed to perform this type of mental calculations, where the student must clear the equations mentally.

There are few games with this type of mathematical operations. With Max you can select several different multiplication types to find the missing factor.

If you are a teacher, it is very useful as a resource in the classroom, since you can let your students perform the calculations to observe their progress.

Exercises with Max

You can set a time limit to calculate the operations. In this way you can establish competitions among the students and you can know who has correctly calculated more multiplications.

And also, if you connect online, you can establish 5 or 10 minutes, then you can save the number of correct multiplications, and establish a ranking of the best students. You can check the register of users who have participated and see their scores. So you can also compete from anywhere and deal with anyone from any country.

Do not hesitate to download the game and try all its functions. Success is guaranteed.

‎Multiplying with Max
‎Multiplying with Max

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