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Brain Sequence – Mental deoxidizer game

Brain Sequence – Mental deoxidizer game

Pick the correct pictures in the order shown

Remember the random sequences. Memorize the sequence of objects shown on screen and then try repeating the same sequence by clicking the correct objects.
Train and exercise your mind with a sequence of random objects and you need to memorice them and then repeat the sequence.

Memorize an ever-increasing sequence:

■ Easy kids version: sequence game for children ages 4 to 7.
■ Medium: sequence game for children 7-12 or adults.
■ Hard: for all ages. Recommended for Adults and Seniors. You can compare your progress to your friends through leaderboards.

This sequence memory game will improve your rusty mind:

Testing your ability to remember color and shape sequences.
There are a lot of symbols and the player has to repeat a sequence by pressing the right buttons (pictures).
Kids learn animal sounds as they repeat them in order of the cards. Learn letters and numbers.
Some sequences have sound. You can choose between Spanish, English and German.
Memory games like this, help to develop neuron connections in early learners’ brains and also serve to increase working memory.
Keep the aging mind agile.

keeping your brain sharp in old age.

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