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Best Zombie Games on Android in 2023

Zombie Games on Android in 2023

Last of the Living

The collapse of humanity
The desolation of humanity and the days of darkness have arrived. Zombies are doomed to walk the earth and you must be prepared for days of slaughter. Welcome to the land of the dead. You are a zombie hunter and you must complete the missions in different sectors of a city full of living dead.

Search of the living dead
You are the only person alive in a rotten city full of zombies.
There are many types of zombie. There are zombies that cost more to kill and are more dangerous than others.
Zombies can track your scent at a distance and follow you. There are some undead that can follow you at whatever distance you are. They are the most dangerous zombies. Others walk faster than others.

Lock the zombies in cages: there are missions where you have to guide the zombies to the cages and lock them inside. With the help of the zombie scent you can get it.

Available on Google Play and the App Store

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free
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