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Adding with Toothy

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

Welcome to your elementary school games for toddlers!
Looking for a fun way to learn or teach addition? This addition game is a fun way to get kids excited about learning how to add.

This addition game is a great resource for children in Kindergarten, 1st Grade (first grade), 2nd Grade (second grade), 3rd Grade (third grade), 4th Grade (fourth grade), and 5th Grade (fifth grade).

Ideal for preschool,pre-kindergarten and primary education.
Addition is an important subject for success in elementary school.

“Adding with Thooty” helps kids practice additions in a fun and rewarding way.
Playing with bunny Thooty in a fun way and learn maths.
Drag the numbers to complete the addition. The bunny will indicate you if it is properly calculated.
This game has been created to provide practice for children who are beginning to understand the concepts of additions.
This game is part of the best preschool and kindergarten learning free apps.

♥ This is a cute addition games math for kids,first grade,kindergarten.
►Perfect for preschooler’s kids.
►Recommended for tablet.

Great for everyday math practice!

Developer: MMeGAMES
Price: Free

¿ Buscas una forma divertida de enseñar las sumas ? Este juego de sumas consigue que los niños practiquen las sumas de una forma muy gratificante.

Ideal para el último ciclo de infantil y para la escuela primaria (primero de primaria y segundo de primaria).
Sumar es una materia importante para el éxito en la escuela primaria.

“Sumas con Thooty” ayuda a los niños a practicar la suma de una manera divertida y gratificante.
Juega con el conejo Thooty de una forma divertida y aprende matemáticas.
Arrastra los números hasta completar la suma. El conejito te indicará si está bien calculada.
Este juego ha sido creado para que los niños practiquen las sumas.

►Perfecto para la escuela.
►Recomendado para tablet.

¡ Excelente para la práctica de matemáticas todos los días !

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