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Skater Boy freestyle




Kids Scooter

► Race and “do not crash” your electric scooter through the fun levels
► Try to driving and skate the scooter and try to pass all obstacles: control the scooter through levels filled with ramps, rails, pipes, beams, bridges, barrels, fire, planes, birds, bike, bicycle wheels …
► Keep the characters safe with the scooter
► Get bonus to unlock the levels: city, forest, mountain and village
► Easy-to-control scooter
► Makes spectacular jumps
► Feel like a real skater boy or girl
► Awesome freestyle scooter game completely free!!!!!

• It’s very easy to play, no help needed

→ download and try scooter for free, you will not regret it
→ you can play this scooter race game fun and happy
→ the most addictive kids game
→ the best scooter racing games for kids or toddlers
→ this is a cool game for all ages



Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game “Skater boy” is so easy
but super fun.

You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.

The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool

tricks in the air can get extra points.

Awesome freestyle Skateboarding game in 3D.

Whether you like skating street, or big ramps, bowls and half pipes, Skating FE3D has it all, completely free!

Do manuals, slides, flip tricks, grabs, and all the other tricks you can imagine, and line them together for insane combos like the pros!

Skate one of the 7 awesome premade skateparks, or create your own custom park, with more than 40 different ramps, rails and funboxes, to choose from!

Customize your characters clothes and skateboard!

Earn skill points to level up your characters skills, like jump height, spin speed and more!