Sergeant Paco’s tank – suicide missions

Sergeant Paco’s tank – suicide missions

Bomb with the tank and destroy the enemy

Complete your war missions by driving a tank and fighting against groups of armed mercenaries that will prevent you from achieving the objective. In each level you will fight against different enemies hidden among the buildings in ruins: soldiers armed to the teeth with rifles, submachine guns and grenades, snipers, tanks, warplanes, missiles, warships, military trucks … make them explode through the air.

◘ There are 2 types of war tanks:
○ Tank 1:
This tank is free but with more limited options.
○ Tank 2:
The second tank incorporates improvements to better fulfill the missions:
▬ fast speed
▬ fast rotation cannon
▬ additional lives

◘ Tank control:
○ Back: Touch the left of the screen.
○ Advance: Touch right part of the screen.
○ Cannon Control:
▬ Down arrow button: Down cannon Down.
▬ Arrow button up: Cannon Up.
▬ Shot button.

■ Objective of the tank war game:
Complete each of the missions assigned to raise gallons obtaining extra stars. Each completed mission you will obtain a star that will increase your prestige as a sergeant.