Princess games

princesses fairies and mermaids

blog_princesasWelcome to the world of princesses, fairies and mermaids!

Design the princess of your dreams in a creative and fun way.
To create your princess, you need to get candy playing fun mini-games: puzzles, Mermaid Fish-catcher, Fairy in the Forest, Fairies with a Racket, Princess’ Snot, Mermaids and Frog, Fairies and the Boomerang, Frogs and Fish and the amusing Tree with Eggs.

Design the face of your princess!

Click and install  —>>>  Princesses, fairies and mermaids

The more candy you get, the more options to design your princess you have: start by choosing the shape of her face, the different types of eyes, nose, eyebrows, changing the type of hair or hairstyle, put features to the princess’s face, like chubby cheeks, hearts, etc., and add-ons, like sunglasses of different shapes and colors, necklaces, ties, and even change the background color for a special touch.
You can change your princess’s face as many times as you want similar to elsa and anna or you feel like, so try to have the maximum number of possible candies playing mini-games.